Gods, Goddesses and Deities Wiki

Note: Not all deities have pages in the wiki. Those who do are linked. Names of deities that are italicized have not been active/seen in over a year as of July 2021. Names of deities that are bold are active as of July 2021. Please note that "Active" may be subjective to roleplayers who are considered somewhat active, when in reality the characters may not be roleplayed actively as of the moment.

Active roleplayers, feel free to add your deities in the appropriate spot!

For a list of non-deity characters, see here. For a list of all original species, see here. Those lists have been updated to approximately late July of 2021. For a list of all active users, see here.


Aether- Illusions, Monsters, and Change

Akantha- Fire, Dragons, and Reading

Apollo- The Sun, Constellations, and Daydreaming

Angie- Lesbians, Confidence, and Digital Art

Annette- Magic, Healing, and Love

Apólyá'Skotá- Willpower, Power, and The Supernatural

Aria- Music, Cats, and Anger

Aronia- Reptiles, Snakes, and Lizards

Arrow- Oddity, Endangered Animals, and Mischief

Ase- Runes and Visions

Athena- Tactics, Silence, and Wisdom

Atom- Atoms, Toxins/Diseases, and Negativity

Atrophy- Prions, Patience, and Sleep

Ark- Shadows, Souls, and Magic


Basilisk- Toxins and Snakes

Bastet- Cats, Cleverness, and Silence When Needed

Bear- Forgiveness, Weather, and the Harvest

Bengal- Ice, Cats, and Vengeance

Bitter- Trickery, Luck, and Prophercy

Bixbite- Neko People, Gems, and Harmony

Blizzy- Aliens and Breaking the Fourth Wall

Blue- Heat, Cold, and Water

Blue- Spite, Vigilantes, and Saltiness/Sass

Boop- Demon Animals, Pigeons, and Guns

Bright- Gamma Ray Bursts

Burst- Instinct, Thunder, and Potential


Caedey- Music, Inventions, and Children

Cain- Cold, Metal, Assassination.

Candy- Stars, Candy, and Hope

Caspian- Fire, Beauty, and Betrayal

Chan- Emotions, Memories, and Whimsy

Chanty- Despair, Equality, and Psychopop

Chronos- Magic and Time

Cleaver- Arthropods, Art/Writing Utensils, and Loss of Creativity/Inspiration

Corey- Death, Shadows, and Black Holes

Corvus- Dreams, Nightmares, and Reality

Crow- Thieves, Flight, and Curiosity

Crystalite- Black Cats, Pluto, and Gravity


Dalia- Luck, Air/Flight, and Minerals

Darksea- Betrayal/Lies, Attraction, and Puppies

Downpour- Hopeless Love, Heartbreak, and Rejection

Drago- Dragons, Magic, and Art

Dreamcatcher- Sleep, Dreams, and Nightmares

Drippy- Puns, Pixels, and Typos

Dynasty- Torture, Love, and Music


Echo- Winter, Rebirth, and Vows

Ephemeris- Spirits and Power

Elaine - Luck and Riches

Element- Fire, Lightning, and Poison

Eliza- Music/Sound, the Internet, and Writing/Authoring

Endless- Death, Souls and the Underworld

Enochí- Pain, Doubts, and Monsters

Eon- Nature and the Sun

Eventide- Prose, Twilight, and Ethics

Exum- All

Exotory- Light, Earth, Healing


Facet- Minerals, Earth, and Dragons

Fairy- Fairies, Knowledge/Learning, and Creativity/Thinking Outside the Box

Fallon- Assassination, Weapons, and Writing/Authoring/Reading

Felicity Heartstone- Freedom, Nature, and Annoyance

Fizzy- Oblivion

Foodle- Power, Death, and Destruction

Forest- Nature, Flight, and Light

Fox- Foxes

French Fry- Wind, Water, and Speed

Frostbyte- Inklings, Lava, and Jaden Smith

Future- Binge-Watching, Grammar, and ADHD

Forgotten/Starfall- Forgotten Knowledge, Lost Legends, and Arcanesmithing


Galaxian Explosion- Loyalty, Life, and the Cosmos

Galaxy- Doodling, String Instruments, and Gourmet Food

Gem.exe- Mutated Animals, System Failure, and Glitches

Ghost- Rebellion, Invention, and Emotion

Glamour- Animals, Mist, and Darkness

Gleam- Magic, Imagination, and Creativity

Glitch- Disruption, Songs, and Technology

Gnollio- Insects, Energy, and Nature

Grif- Truth, Dreams, and Murder

Gulfstream- Plants, Children, and History


Hawknar- Intuition, Wisdom, and Knowledge

Hazel- The Hunt, Wild Animals, and the Wilderness

Hyacinth- Animals, Mythical Creatures, and Deception


Icarus- Runes, Flight, and Guidance

Imagine- Rain and Creativity

Insanity- Fire, Mythical Creatures, and the Vulnerable

Iris- Imagination, Wisdom, and Stars

Ivy- Wolves, Music, and Subzero Temperatures


Jackal- Pirates, Thefts, and Sea-Related Items (e.g. Docks and Piers)

Jade- Wicca, Maidenhood (18-24 yrs. old), and Wilderness

Jadis- Witchcraft/Dark Magic, Immortality/Eternal Youth, and Monsters/Dark Creatures

Jax/Felix- The Internet, Technology, and Memories

Jehoseph- Fire and Justice

Jubilant- Happiness, Charity, and Recycling


Kai- The Sea and Storms

Kakó Paidí- The End, Childhood, and literally everything to do with snakes except for the creatures themselves

Kanon- Piano, Music Theory, and Death

Karoline- Violence, Insanity, and Fear/Panic

Kenshin- Weapons and {Dark} Magic

Keylo- The Sun, The Moon, and Gravity

Kit- Eldritch Horror, Rabbits, and Spooky Things

Kitsune - Japanese, Space, and Kitsune


Laurel- Poetry and Forests

Longclaw- Coyotes, Gore, and Obsidian

Lost- Art/Color, Emotions, and Darkness

Luka- Art

Luminous- Pianos, Fireflies, and Light

Luna- Magic, the Moon, and Elves


Mamon- Plagues, Suffering, and Endurance

Marsh - Memories, Wishes, and Death

Marx- Glamour, Candy, and Technology

Meia- Felines, Wisdom, and Nature Magic

Millie- Fire and Shadows

Mist- Voids, Paradoxes, and Chaos

Mizuki- Space, Feelings, and Japanese Culture

Mockingjay- Fire and Phoenixes

Moonflight- Flooding and Untimely Heroic Deaths

Murdoc- Power, Beauty, and Death


Narrator- Fire, Explosives, and Taming

Necromancer- Dinosaurs/prehistoric animals, History (personal or otherwise), and Jungles

Neptune- Inner Peace, Serenity, and Empathy

Neutral- Demonic Magic, Ambition, and Desperation

NightLight- Fire, Exploration, and Hope

NightWolf- Wolves, Nature, and Death

Niko- Mischief, Bad Luck, and Luck

Nimarfira- Magic, Chaos, and The Unknown

Nova- Space, Time, and Reality

Nox- Fantastical Creatures, Magic, and Night


Oblivion- Insanity, Darkness, and the Void

Oganesson- Science and Justice

Orphos- Deals, Tradeoffs, and the Desperate


Peacock- Water, Peace, and Hawaiian Culture

Pepper- Doves, Peace, and Healing

Peregrine- Pain, Night, and Snakes

Piano- Softness, Ballet, and Chocolate

Poppy- Game Animals, Animal Spirits, and Sleep

Prisma- Communism, The Hunt, and Information


Quail- Messengers, Fiction, and Chimeras


Raddoppiare- Time, Dimensions, and Magic

Random - Cartoons and Opposites

Reading- Love, Friendship, and Knowledge

Riri - Fantasy, Creativity, and Performance

Rune- Trees, Magic, and Change


Sage- Words, Dragons, and Space

Samurai- Shadows and Doom

Sanya- Dreams/Nightmares, Song/Music/Harmony, and Healing/Medicinal Plants

Sapph- Pomeranians, Overshipping, and Sapphires

Sea Fire- Archery, Art, Lightning

Seafoam- The Sea and Storms

Sea Heart- Sea, Animals, and Crafts

Shard- Darkness, Water, and Poison

Shatter- Cat People, Crystals, and Discordance

Sierra- Books, Intelligence, and Ball-Point Pens

Silverskies- Weather and the Sky

Snow- Winter, Nature, and Art

Snowbelle- Cold Weather, Shipping, and Hair

Specter- Reality, ghosts/spirits, and knowledge

Spiral- Hypnosis, Mind-Control, and Possession

Spirit- Wandering, Curiosity, and Myths

Splitter- Laughing, Pranks, and Strength

Spring- Rain, Creativity, and Early Mornings

Star/ry- The Greek Zodiac, Astrology, and Dreams

StSun- Fire, Love and Warriors

Sunset- Sunsets, Children, and Fireflies


Teal- Shipping

Thunderstorm- Electricity, Creativity, and Birds

Time- Magic and Time

Toffee - Nekos and Positivity/Happiness

Torin- Mountains, Valleys, and Voyages




Vertigo- Time, Speed, Grief/Loss

Vine- Fangirls, Perspectives, and Acceptance

Violet- Seasons, Patience, and Memories

Voithesi- Peaceful Deaths, the Earth/Ground, and Crows


Windor- Insomnia, Hatred, and Cold-Blooded creatures

Winter- Wind, Watercolour, and Blue

Wizard- Books, Scrolls and Reading Materials, and History

WyvernSoul- Wyverns, Power, and Destruction


Xenon- Science, Freedom, and Humour


Yandere- Burning Stuff, Subtle Hints, and Coups

Yellow- Zebras, Sarcasm, and the Mind


Zadia- Magic, Flying, and Kylios